WASCON, Incorporated has been providing the water and waste water industry with quality service and sales since 1979.  With over one hundred years of experience, WASCON is sure to be able to help you find a solution to any problem you encounter.  Take a look around our website to get more familiar with who we are.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Featured Product 

Prepackaged Dosing Skids from Grundfos

The Grundfos Dosing Skid System is a pre-engineered floor or panel dosing system packaged that offers integrated controls and one, two or three pump configurations designed to accurately meter liquid chemicals for a variety of water supply/treatment systems, as well as industrial and manufacturing applications. 

Grundfos DSS use an intelligent drive and microprocessor controller to ensure that each does is performed precisely and with low pulsation, even with chemicals of high-viscosity or off-gassing properties.

Standard DSS ships in five days and custom, engineered-to-order DSS ship in two to four weeks.


 New E/One Distributor in GA!

E/One is excitedted to announce that WASCON, Incorporated is the new distributor for E/One Sewer Systems in GA!

WASCON, Incorporated is a nationally recognized distributor of pressure sewer system equipment.  They have represented E/One in Tennessee and Kentucky for many years.  Their headquarters are located in Livingston, TN and they have staff located throughout the southeast.

Please contact them today!

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