Service has always been the core of WASCON's business model.  With over one hundred years of combined service experience, our factory trained and certified technicians are able to assist the customer with any problem they encounter in the water and waste water field.

WASCON understands that time is of the essence when repairing our customer's equipment.  For this reason, WASCON has invested heavily into our service facility in Livingston, TN by adding equipment that can help shorten equipment repair times.  The additions include a motor oven, machine shop and submersible pump test pit.  With these additions to the facility, WASCON can not only shorten equipment repair times, but we also ensure the equipment looks and performs like new when returned to the customer. 

Repair Capabilities Include:

Water Pump Repair
- Horizontal/Vertical

Sewer Pump Repair
- Submersible/Dry Pit/Dry Pit Submersible

Control Repair
- Basic Panel Troubleshooting/Repair
- PLC Troubleshooting/Repair/Programming

Water Treatment Plant Filter Control Repair/Upgrade

Pump Station Rehab
- Water/Wastewater

Valve Repair
- Pressure Reducing/Control/Actuation/Altitude

Blower Repair
- Positive Displacement/Centrifugal/Multistage

Flow Meter Repair/Calibration

Vertical Turbine Rebowling
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